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Friday, March 24, 2017

A penny

Remember when I said any time I found a penny it meant Marshall was here?

Today I was going through more things -- every time I think I'm finished, I find another few items.  There was a stack of his keys in the dresser so I was trying to see if I knew what any of them were for.  I wasn't able to figure out any of them, but I don't dare throw them away, so I will just keep them in a box in a drawer.  However, laying with the keys was a penny with a heart cut out of the middle.  That was a nice surprise!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Catching up

Haven't made it to Tai Chi yet -- too many other things have interjected.  Maybe next week.

Yesterday was my quarterly visit to the cardiologist.  Everything is humming along nicely and the Pacemaker is functioning perfectly.  The remaining battery life is about six years.

Today was my last "fitting" at the dentist.  In early April I should be smiling with a lot of teeth again -- LOL!

My hot stone massage was wonderful.  I have another one scheduled for next week.

I've lived in this townhouse for a little bit over a year now and haven't gotten window coverings yet.  I've been using cheap Walmart curtains on tension rods.  They served the purpose but they aren't very pretty.  But it was a dilemma because no matter what I put in this house, the cats feel like it is their job to search and destroy.

But several weeks ago I had a company come in and measure for plantation shutters.  They should be ready to be installed in another week or so and I am excited.  I think they are so cool.  And I think maybe the cats will not be able to figure out how to do damage.  At least I hope not -- these things are EXPENSIVE!  Once these are installed, this place should be pretty much finished except for a few small things.  I'll attach pictures whenever they are installed.

Yesterday I took Mia to Camp BowWow and signed her up for twice weekly training sessions.  Every Tuesday and Thursday I'll drop her off for the day and they will give her some play time as usual but then the trainer will work with her on certain issues.  Yesterday she worked on leash training and also how to keep Mia from jumping up on me or other people.   The trainer's name is Cheyanne.

I just can't say enough good things about Camp BowWow.  Cheyanne filmed part of the training session and gave me the video so I would know how to keep up the training at home.  And Mia really paid attention and behaved a little better at home than she had before.  Also, as usual, when I pick her up and bring her home she is mentally and physically exhausted and she sleeps/naps for two days.

Camp BowWow has seven play areas for the animals.  Three are outdoors, three are indoor areas and then there is one small area for the tiny breed dogs.  They spread the animals out according to size and temperament.  So when I check the WebCam I am never sure where Mia will be.  Usually she is in Indoor No. 3 with what they call the "small big dogs."  But sometimes they will pair up two dogs that seem to get along well.

Yesterday a woman had brought in her Chihuahua for the day and the Chihuahua was scared and nervous but seemed to gravitate to Mia.  So they put Mia and the Chihuahua in the toy area and they played together.  When I read the reviews for Camp BowWow some people complain when their dog is not in the playroom they expect but I kind of like the way they try to do what seems right for the pet at the time.  And every now and then -- especially sometimes on a weekend -- they are short staffed and they will alternate putting some dogs in their "cabins" for a while and then switch them out. That isn't the ideal situation, but I think it is what it is and sometimes that's the way it goes.  But all in all, this is a wonderful place with caring people.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Nothing happening...

Things are going along nicely.  I feel great and hardly ever cry any more.

Last night was March's grief support group meeting and we have a really good group.  Next Saturday a bunch of us are meeting for lunch in Louisville, Colorado (wherever that is).

Pikes Peak Harley returned Marshall's motorcycle and even though they raised the pipes, the pipes still rub the concrete just a tiny bit coming into the garage.  Frustrating.

Today was yet another dental visit.  I think I only have three visits left and then I should have all my upper and lower partials to fill all the empty spots.  Should have a better smile and hopefully I can get used to them without stuttering.  I will be so glad to have this little chapter over with.  And I am also so glad that I didn't need to get all my teeth pulled, just 6 of them.  LOL.

Next week is my quarterly visit with the cardiologist to check out the pacemaker.

For the past several months I've been casually looking at houses -- ranch style with no stairs!
The real estate agent I used when I bought my townhouse has me on his list and he sends me a listing whenever he thinks I might be interested, which is maybe one every two to three weeks.  Ranch style houses are not a big deal in Denver so not too many come up for sale.  I'm really not considering moving (way too much work), but if something really good should show up, you never know.

Yesterday he sent me a new listing and it turned out to be the house that Marshall and I had built in 2000 when we moved here.  How crazy is that?  And the owner is asking about $100,000 more than we got when we sold it.  It went on the market yesterday and I think it is under contract already.  Unbelievable.  It was fun looking at the pictures to see what changes were done.  It's still a really good-looking house.

I think I'm going to go to the recreation center tomorrow and take a Tai Chi class.  Not sure yet.  And Thursday I'm getting one of those hot stone massages.  I've been wanting to try that.

Monday, February 27, 2017


I think all three of my pets had a meeting to come up with ways to make today a challenge.  The first thing this morning while I was in the shower, I think they all conspired to turn over the litter box and scatter it everywhere (I had to blame it on all of them since I wasn't watching).  Then later in the day, Mia used my leg as a launching pad when she wanted to chase one of the cats and left a big long painful scratch; Okie threw up in the bed (which meant I had to strip the bed, while trying to keep Jerry and Mia from trying to eat it ... Eewwww) ... and then this evening when I made dinner (chicken and veggies) and it was sitting on the hot stove Okie jumped on the stove to start eating that food -- I have no idea how he didn't burn his feet; and Jerry ripped apart one of my plants and made a huge mess.  As I'm writing this, the day isn't over yet, so........

Today, in between yelling at my pets, I went to the Thornton Recreation Center and took a tour and got a membership.  They allow all age groups.  The first thing I'm going to do is sign up for their Tai Chi class.  They've also got a huge weight room, racquetball courts, a pool, an indoor running track and probably more.

After that I went and took a tour of the Senior Center and talked to them about their activities.  They obviously don't cater to all age groups. :) The lady at the information desk was going over all the activities with me and she said they offered a belly dancing class.  The lady standing behind me tapped me on the shoulder and said, "You really should take that class, it's fun."  I turned around and this woman was carrying an oxygen bottle and her husband was helping her with her walker.  She cracked up at herself and I got a good laugh!

Both facilities had great things to offer so I'm glad I finally went.

Sunday, February 26, 2017


Pikes Peak Harley called me yesterday to give me an update on the bike.  The riser has been installed, so I have high hopes for that extra inch and a half making the bike handle low areas.

They also said that the rear brakes don't work at all (wow...) so they will check all the brakes and fix them where necessary.

The oil was kind of like sludge after sitting for two years so they will drain the oil and put new oil in and new filters.  They will do all the other regular servicing stuff, too.  So as of today the total cost is $900 and that could still go up. (Yikes) I guess when you factor in the fact that no servicing has been done for two years this isn't too bad.  But I want to feel comfortable and safe riding this thing.

One of Marshall's last requests while he could still talk was that I take good care of the bike and that I ride it and continue to spread prostate cancer awareness.  He had made up some pamphlets that he used to keep on his bike and pass out concerning how men should take care of themselves and get tested for prostate cancer and he wanted me to continue that practice.  I told him I would try, so I sure do hope I can.

He also wanted me to continue to enter the bike in shows.  So far he has won every show the bike was in.  But I couldn't make that promise.  Entering in shows requires a lot of prep that I'm not comfortable with (draining the oil, draining the gas tank, putting the bike on a trailer and then manually pushing it off the trailer and then back on again).  I will not be able to handle that.  But if there are shows that are all outdoor and the bike can simply be ridden in, I will try to do that.

Another thing he really BADLY wanted to do himself but his health never cooperated was to ride with the Patriot Guard accompanying the body of a deceased veteran to his/her final resting place.  If the opportunity presents itself, I will try to make that happen with me riding the bike.  First I need to get comfortable riding a trike.  Baby steps.....

Thursday, February 23, 2017

This week

Yesterday I had to take the car to Toyota in Pueblo for its 15,000 mile checkup.  I like to go back down to the Toyota dealer in Pueblo, even though it's a long trip, because I really like them.  I tried to form a relationship with the Toyota up here in Denver and they treated me like a helpless female who couldn't understand anything they said.

So I dropped Mia off at Camp BowWow yesterday morning.  When I picked her up at 4:00, I took her out to the car and she immediately fell asleep.  When I got home, I fed her and then she went back to sleep and she is basically still sleeping.  She loves going to Camp BowWow and it exhausts her physically and mentally, but I'm a little concerned about how long she is napping and hope tomorrow she is a little perkier.

Today I went to the dentist for the millionth time.  I hope in the next month to six weeks I will be finished with that.

So I am close to finally bringing all of my health issues up to where they were four years ago and all I will need to do is maintain.  I wish I had listened to my own advice and had taken better care of myself when I was caring for Marshall.  I think I would have been in much better shape now.

Friday, February 17, 2017

All is calm

Everything is still uneventful.  No A-Fib episodes and pacemaker is ticking along perfectly.

Valentine's Day was sad but Monday was my grief support group and we all brought pictures of our loved ones and we told stories.  Very very cathartic.

Today I got a manicure, pedicure and massage.  Ahhhh, felt good.

Today I had Pike's Peak Harley Davidson come and pick up the motorcycle to do service.  The bike has been sitting in the garage for a year and is probably due for oil change, etc.  They are also going to install a riser apparatus that should raise the bike's tailpipes about an inch and a half which would mean I could (hopefully) get it across the curb at the end of my driveway without dragging and ruining those custom "gatling gun" tailpipes.  And then hopefully I'll be able to actually get it out and ride it.  Here's a picture of my "babies" waiting for the Harley guy!

One of the girls in my grief group mentioned on Monday that she has a Harley and that she belongs to a ladies riders group so I'm going to join that group this summer.

After the Harley guy left, I took Mia to Starbucks so that I could get a latte and she could get her Puppuccino.  (Starbucks will give you this treat for your animal at no cost -- it's a cup of whipped cream and Mia loves it!  When we pull into the Starbucks, she goes nuts with excitement...)